Welcome to Misthaven!

Misthaven a town founded by refugees from the Fraedon wars. The warring kingdoms did not care about the small settlements they destroyed in their battles. The folks that were able to excape the fighting managed to slowly connect up with others fleeing from other hamlets, small towns and other places folks of many different races attempted to setup home and formed the community of Misthaven. Mist haven comprises mostly of Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Dwarves and halflings. There also can be found gnomes, Tieflings, and even some Half-Orcs. The town of Misthaven has been growing for about 2 decades now after the Fraedon Wars and does not have a problem letting in races that are often shunned in most areas. The one thing that the folk of Misthaven don’t like are those that wish to start trouble or are known for causing chaos.

Forgotten Ruins